Wes Reuning

Vice President, Director of Operations, Sales

Wes Reuning

As co-founder, Executive Vice President and Director of Sales for SEO Advantage®, Wes Reuning leads our team in creating competitive SEO and online marketing plans that perfectly coordinate the client's needs with the robust variety of services we offer.

With over two decades of sales experience, Wes's dual focus on client satisfaction and page 1 rankings have helped grow SEO Advantage's reputation into that of an online marketing firm that achieves results by putting the client's needs first.

Among his many other duties, Wes also applies his considerable experience working with law firms in running SEO Legal, the attorney-focused arm of SEO Advantage®, specializing in the online marketing needs of the legal industry.

An Interview with Wes Reuning: Attorneys Can Dominate Competitors Using Legal Marketing and SEO

Wes Reuning and his brother Stone have worked together well over two decades in consulting and business services. Stone used search engine optimization (SEO) long before Google's dominance. As the Internet became more and more vital to business success, formation of an SEO company seemed like a natural progression. The brothers created one of the Internet's most cutting-edge online marketing companies: SEO Advantage® (SEOA).

In the years following its formation, SEOA has adapted to the ever-changing SEO landscape–surviving in its own fiercely competitive market because of one important philosophy: a one-size-fits-all approach to SEO and online marketing isn't realistic.

Wes, SEOA Sales Director and Executive Vice President, explains in a telephone interview that prepackaged SEO plans do not work because no two markets are the same. A personal injury attorney faces a much more competitive market than a real estate attorney, for example.

"The amount of SEO required to get results depends on the market," Wes says. "If a client wants to buy some SEO, but not enough to bring the desired results, we don't take them as a customer because we know ultimately there will be no ROI."

How to Determine Legal SEO and Online Marketing Needs

A law firm's SEO plan should be customized–based on individual keyword market analysis to determine the right mix of strategies, which Wes explains is vital to ensure that the client's business growth and revenue is impacted.

SEOA determines what a client needs based on three primary factors:

1. The current company website. Is it designed with good SEO and content? If not, an SEO-quality website with relevant niche content will need to be created.

2. Competitive market. Research and analysis of competitors' SEO is done. If the client is within a geographical market with a huge player who has been active and competitive in the SEO landscape for years, a more sophisticated SEO strategy will be developed.

3. Client's level of patience. If a client wants to be number one in Google search results worldwide within a year, a different and more costly approach to SEO is required considering the limited timeframe.

When asked how long it takes to get results, Wes stresses that while 6-8 months is typical for organic SEO to return impact, it all depends on the competitive environment. "SEOA protects clients by not allowing them to purchase or sign a contract that won't benefit their business," he says.

SEOA would not take a law firm who wants to go from page 10 in Google search results to page 5, for example, because it won't benefit their growth or revenue.

SEO and Legal Marketing Solutions That Work

SEO in the legal field is driven by keywords, practice and geographic location. Attorneys need a comprehensive partner in web design, copywriting, SEO, social media, usability and more. Wes points out that SEOA is a full service comprehensive partner that works with one Internet dominant attorney in each keyword and geographical market.

"Attorneys want qualified leads that result in a case and, ultimately, revenue. It's easy for us to prove our value to the legal market in getting those results," Wes says. SEOA is not a monthly service, like Google Adwords. The company builds or rebuilds a client's company website to have the best SEO. Once the client discontinues service, they own the website. Clients reap the benefits of that asset for many, many years to come, Wes concedes.

When not working in the SEO landscape, Wes enjoys remodeling vacation and rental properties. "Twelve or 15 years ago, I bought a Toccoa River cabin. I remodeled it. I wanted to sell it, but the economy was bad so I converted it to a vacation rental. I purchased a Cartecay River property, and then another property, which I remodeled. It became a hobby." Wes has sold some of his remodeling projects, but you can visit Laughing Bear Lodge to see one of his favorites.

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