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Building Personality and Rankings for a New Web Site

Fashion and Earth website

New online retailer aimed to fill a gap in green fashion for price and style-conscious shoppers who prefer organic and free trade clothing.

However, new web sites face a challenge when it comes to building rankings. Nowadays, search engines like to see a long, healthy history for a website before indexing it as a quality resource for searchers. Too many retailers focus on producing the product catalog and shopping features, launch the site, and then say, “Hey, we’re not showing up in Google!” It can really make a difference in the beginning, when cash flow is usually tight, if those natural rankings are there from the start.

So when Fashion & Earth came to SEO Advantage®, we knew the new online retailer could benefit by building up its search engine performance while the programming took place. We recommended getting the site and content online right from the get-go, even though it would be months before the company could start selling its organic clothing.

Gearing Up SEO Content and Web Design

We wanted to develop a winning brand personality that would support healthy conversions as well as give the site a head start in the search engines and online organic shopping community.

The web site copy had to educate and engage shoppers while also supporting search engine rankings with regular additions to the site. The site design needed to create the brand and highlight the superior quality of the clothes while employing SEO-friendly techniques to facilitate visibility of the site’s content.

SEO Advantage® rolled out in stages the ecommerce copywriting, website design, and press releases that allowed the site to build its personality and an online presence - while its shopping cart and inventory were being built up behind the scenes.

Natural Rankings Already Established at Launch

By the time opened its doors for business, the site and its related content could already be found ranking on the first or second page of Google for powerful terms like “eco clothing”, “organic clothing”, “eco friendly clothing”, “eco clothing retailer”, “shop green clothing”, “green clothing shopping”, and so on – despite the short history of the website.

The press releases generated a buzz of incoming links from industry blogs as
the community built up anticipation of the site launch, also landing the
Fashion & Earth president an interview on a national radio station.

Focusing on the site design and content from the start gave the green retailer a boost, helping avoid the disadvantages most new online retailers face. The site was already enjoying healthy organic rankings, a solid reputation among influential bloggers and a flow of traffic by the time the store was launched!