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Creating a “Buzz” to Build Rankings – and Customers - Quickly

MaxFilings website

MaxFilings was a new entrant in the competitive industry of online incorporation services, launching its corporate web site in April 2007. A search on Google showed over 8 million listings for the keyword phrase “online incorporation service”.

So, how does a start-up company compete against hundreds of thousands of established attorneys and other service providers, not to mention nationally recognized companies spending millions on TV advertising? MaxFilings needed immediate visibility and customer traffic, all working within its budget constraints – a challenge indeed!

After extensive study of the competitive environment, SEO Advantage® designed a multi-faceted approach addressing web site structure, content and off-site PR efforts.  This approach delivered immediate results for MaxFilings – landing the company’s web site on Google's first page of natural rankings within only 3 weeks.

How MaxFilings Rose through the Rankings Quickly

When a company’s marketing efforts consist primarily of SEO, it’s crucial to ramp up rankings quickly. A multi-disciplinary team of SEO engineers, copywriters and graphic designers went to work to get the company ranked right away. Their goals: build a web site that could gain traction in the search engines quickly, convert customers, and pave the way for sustainable rankings for the future.

At the same time, the team developed a unique promotion the company could offer its customers to differentiate itself and generate immediate “buzz”. The comprehensive plan targeted off-site PR to build links and bring traffic, while landing pages and a growing base of useful content created value for visitors and search engines.

A Revenue Stream Was Established within Weeks

It might normally take a company operating in such a competitive industry a year or more to build enough credibility to gain its first customers. But thanks to SEO Advantage®, within one week, the company’s PR efforts ranked on page one of Google for highly competitive terms like ”online incorporation service”. The following weeks saw coverage at several online news outlets, including a powerful endorsement at The web site was soon ranking on page one of Google – and the threshold for gaining a stream of clients was accelerated to only a matter of weeks!

MaxFilings continues to enjoy strong results from its ongoing multi-dimensional approach, now ranking ahead of major competitors like BizFilings and LegalZoom for targeted keywords. MaxFilings continues to rank on the first page of Google worldwide for terms such as “online incorporation company”, “incorporation services”, “incorporate online”, and so on, as the company’s ongoing SEO efforts help position MaxFilings as an authority in its industry for long-term success.