Case Study:
Law Firm Marketing Success

How SEO Advantage helped a boutique Colorado law firm compete on a national level

For more than a decade, SEO Advantage has provided digital marketing and business development services to increase leads for a highly successful Colorado law firm. In addition to revamping the site to make it mobile friendly, we’ve delivered measurable results through organic SEO, PPC, SMM, content marketing, etc. In the last 10 years, this has resulted in nearly 1,000 new clients, a 2,000% increase in referrals, and a number of high profile interviews.

The Numbers

1,000 new clients earned
2,000% referrals inclrease
3,600+ page 1 rankings
1,000+ keywords in the Top 3

The Overview

Babcock Law Firm Logo

The Babcock Law Firm, LLC is a boutique law firm that specializes in personal injury, worker’s compensation, and insurance bad faith litigation in Colorado. They are 100% on the plaintiff side, not representing any insurance companies, corporations, or businesses. The firm represents individuals and families that have been hurt by another person’s negligence, workplace injury, or wrongful conduct by insurance companies.

Industry: Legal
Locations: Denver and Littleton, Colorado
# of Employees: 1-10
Project Start Date: July 2007

“SEO Advantage’s ongoing involvement over the last 10 years has resulted in nearly 1,000 new clients. They’ve even landed interviews and several journalists and a feature in Huffington Post. Their team is responsive and communicative, providing a great ROI throughout the years.”

Mack Babcock
Owner and Managing Attorney

The Story

When The Babcock Law Firm first opened in July 2007, Mack Babcock, the owner, decided to use the capital he had earned to develop an online presence. First, he asked the people that he was close to (and that had no conflict of interest) who they would recommend. A friend of his agreed to design the website, but his agency didn’t do any SEO. They gave him referrals for three companies — SEO Advantage was one of them.

Mack met with all three companies to make sure they weren’t working with any of his competitors because he wanted to make his website the top site in Colorado for what he does. He talked with one marketing company, along with several local companies, but discovered that they all signed up numerous firms in the same geographic area. He had a problem with that concept. These companies told him they would do great marketing for his business because they had success with three or four of his competitors. But that didn’t make sense to Mack because he knew they were telling all of their clients that they could get them on Page 1 and would ask for more money to get each ahead of the competition.

Although Mack doesn’t have a background in SEO or technology, he is experienced in how businesses take advantage of the little guy and knew that some of the marketing companies would eventually try to convince him to spend more money to keep the same level of service. He wanted to find a company that he could trust and knew was a quality provider.

After a series of conversations with different companies, he decided SEO Advantage was a perfect fit.

The Challenge

As a boutique law practice, The Babcock Law Firm was looking to outsource help with marketing, business development and lead acquisition. Since they only work with the plaintiff side, they can’t rely on repeat customers because that would mean someone is getting hurt over and over again. This is different than an insurance defense law firm where the insurance company keeps sending cases. For small plaintiff-based firms, it’s usually only a one-time transaction with their clients, which means lead generation and client acquisition is a constant challenge.

The firm engaged SEO Advantage to improve all areas of their marketing strategy, from search engine to organic traffic to social media. Before, they were using traditional methods like referral resources including prior clients, doctors, etc. Starting a small firm like this typically means a lawyer has a very limited case load or no case load at all because they came from another, larger firm. The firm needed to develop a strong caseload by expanding beyond traditional methods and finding ways to cast a wider net to include people who search online for a law firm. This was the first time this law firm had partnered with an SEO company.

The Solution

In the beginning, our focus was to boost organic SEO for the initial website. We implemented regular updates to the site and added high quality blog posts, knowledge center articles, e-books, and press releases. In addition, we employed inbound and outbound link building strategies to promote the content to outside sources.

Babcock Legal Library screenshot

Over time, our efforts evolved to keep the site one step ahead of search engine algorithm changes — including revamping the website to make it mobile friendly and expanding into social media marketing platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

We also helped drive PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns on Google and other search engines. The client had done some PPC work when he first started, but recognized that he could no longer do it on his own. By having a person on our team who specializes in PPC, we were able to optimize the budget and make sure the firm was getting the best bang for its buck.

In one effort to boost social media, link building and organic optimization campaigns, we connected the client to a number of well-respected media outlets such as the Huffington Post. Mack Babcock was interviewed by several journalists about his practice areas, tort reform, and other topics.

Article from Babcock

In addition, we began running scholarship campaigns, which generated a significant number of premium, high value links from schools and universities (.edu sites).

As SEO Advantage grew, we began doing more work with attorneys. We quickly saw that because of the competitive nature of the legal industry, the trend was to have a large, national website that dominates the rankings. Some of the websites are directories, some are mass marketing tools, and some are a combination of a marketing tool and a reference source for consumers.

In response, we developed a national joint website that attorneys can participate in called, which The Babcock Law Firm quickly joined as a Partner Attorney. Enjuris helps Babcock compete on both an individual level and on a national scale as well.

Enjuris homepage screenshot

The Results

The Babcock Law Firm tracks every call that comes to their offices. In the last 10 years, their online presence has directed several thousand potential clients to the firm. Those referrals have resulted in roughly 1,000 clients. In terms of where the website is now compared to where it started in 2007, there has been a roughly 2,000% increase in referrals.

In addition, we’ve been able to grow the site’s organic search results from only 232 Page 1 rankings and to well over 3,600 Page 1 rankings. Top 3 position rankings have increased from only 98 keywords to having over 1,000 keywords ranked in the Top 3 positions.

The Feedback

“They’re always on top of things. If I detect an issue, I get an immediate response...They’re great at communication. I run my firm like a business because I have a background in business, so I enjoy the numbers and analyze my marketing every year. I run a cost-benefit analysis and can tell you how much I make per case on the ones I get through my online presence. It has been a good experience from a communication and outcome standpoint. I have very close friends who are my competitors and we talk about our firms and marketing strategies. From those conversations, I know I’m beating my competitors on cost value.”

“Some of my competitors are paying 150% of what I’m paying for the same level of service, but sometimes not for the same level of success that I’m receiving.”

Mack Babcock

Mack Babcock
Owner and Managing Attorney
The Babcock Law Firm

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