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All Content is Not Created Equal

The internet is full of pages with a few hundred words of copy. These posts are important for rankings, because regular updates to your website cause Google's algorithms to "crawl" your page more frequently. Each time your site is crawled, you have an opportunity for new and higher rankings based on the content that has been added. Content quantity is an important part of SEO strategy.

But when you take these standard updates and make them something more, your opportunities for higher rankings increase.

What Makes Content Linkable?

Does your website's content inform? Does it entertain? Does it evoke emotion? It needs to do one of these – and do it better than your competitors – if you want to earn links, increase social shares and become the authority in your industry.

Our Premium Content Services team focuses on your audience. We use social listening and intelligence to monitor your target market, learning what your potential customers talk about and where they talk about it. Then we use that data and analysis to create infographics, ebooks, interviews, whitepapers, contests, newsletters and other specialized content that speaks to the right audience, and make sure that audience finds it on the websites, social networks and online communities they visit most.

Premium Linkable Content in Action

We tailor your premium linkable content to your audience and brand, resulting in a wide range of campaigns and content types.

Infographic: Medical Malpractice Deaths

We combined market research with scientific data to create an informative infographic that resonated with the target audience. This linkable, like all of our premium linkable content pieces, can be found on page 1 in Google for a number of related terms.

Local Resource Guides: Provident Metals

Premium content can be a single page or a larger resource, depending on your needs and investment level. For Provident Metals, we created state-based resources for coin enthusiasts, helping them reach consumers on a local level and rank for location-related searches.

Decision Guide: Classic Vans

Classic Vans is a California conversion van retailer whose customers include those needing vans for wheelchair travel. Our decision guide and infographic help prospective buyers determine which type of wheelchair ramp best suits their needs, and they find it on page 1 of Google.

Downloadable Content: Enjuris

For injury resource website, we created downloadable forms to help those who have been injured in an accident track information and make decisions regarding their personal injury case. These forms are ranking on page 1 in a highly competitive industry.

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