Which email service do you recommend for email campaigns?

An email newsletter is just one way to use the content we help you prepare for your website. We get asked from time to time which email service we recommend. Here's an overview of why we recommend AWeber for small businesses getting started with email campaigns.

We selected AWeber as our provider of choice because they offer a set of tools we couldn't find all in one place from any other provider:

1. unlimited autoresponders (to deploy a string of sales messages over time, for example)

2. email newsletters

3. email "blasts" capability

4. blog subscription (so your blog readers can get your blog entries sent to their email)

Most providers either do newsletter style or autoresponders, not both. And the price is right: $20/month for unlimited lists.

It's true that adding existing subscribers can be difficult, as they are very strict about making sure subscribers have opted in. Here is some info on their site about how to add existing subscribers.

This will likely deploy a confirmation email to the list you import to make sure they are actually opted in, though the page above also links to information on how you can avoid this, depending on your list’s history. But it can actually be a good thing to reconfirm, as it ensures your list is current/clean and gives you an excuse to touch base. Plus you can customize the confirmation email to say whatever you want (we're updating our email software and wanted to make sure you're still interested in receiving our emails....)

Your staff can also contact AWeber's customer service at any time, which is really helpful. If you need help with graphic design for an email template that matches your brand, we can also help with that. And of course our copywriters can work on your email content in addition to the articles they provide.

New subscribers should be added automatically to your AWeber email list when they sign up on the AWeber-generated form, which our designer can help you get set up on your site and blog.

AWeber will also let you directly post your emails to Twitter and Facebook as well as an online archive. We also recommend archiving all your email newsletters on your website for easy access by customers and people considering joining your list. The addition of content is also good for your search engine rankings.

Disclosure: We’re an affiliate for AWeber, and we’ve been using the service for all our own marketing campaigns since 2006.

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Which email service do you recommend for email campaigns?

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