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Be Very Careful With Frames, JavaScript and Flash

There’s a lot of misunderstanding out there as to how search engines handle frames, JavaScript and Flash – pages using these features CAN be optimized for the search engines…BUT, they each present their own unique challenges. Generally speaking, it’s best to AVOID frames, JavaScript and Flash – web pages without them are easier to optimize for the search engines.

But, if they’re already on a site you’re working on or you must use them, there are ways to get around them and minimize their disadvantages to search engine optimization.

Use frames in a specific way to maximize search engine ranking opportunities

It’s possible to use frames in your website and still optimize it for the search engines…when developing the HTML, use the <no frames> code to indicate the area of the page to be indexed – that will be the only visible thing to the search engines – but the frames will be visible in a person’s web browser.

IMPORTANT: Remember to keep content relevant to the pages humans will see.

One other thing to keep in mind about frames and e-commerce sites - shopping cart pages on a secure server that are wrapped in frames that are from a non-secure server will not display the “closed-lock” icon. Customers will understandably think the page is not secure when it is, probably costing sales. Therefore, break out of frames when leading a customer to secure pages like that.

Much to the dismay of programmers who like to design flashy web pages, more JavaScript means lower search engine rankings

That’s right – the more JavaScript on a website, the less chance that site/page will show up high in the search engine rankings…but, if JavaScript is a must, place it in a “remote.js” file on the server to avoid negative impacts to search engine rankings. In the .html page, reference the remote.js file this way:

<script language=JavaScript src=”javascript/remotefile.js”type=”text/javascript”></script>

If sales depend on being found though, JavaScript should be avoided altogether – studies have shown fancy JavaScript and frames generally reduce sales. There are many other ways to spruce up a page AND make it friendly to search engines.

Flash content cannot be easily optimized for the search engines – relying too heavily on it puts a site at a disadvantage in terms of rankings

There are ways around it but in general, search engines have difficulty with Flash – search engines determine what a site is about by using keywords found in the content…depending on the search engine, it’s difficult to extract keywords that are embedded in Flash files.

Flash can still be used but the following rules need to be followed to avoid adverse affects to rankings.

1.Do not make entire page one big flash file – Make sure readable content containing keywords is in normal HTML, outside the flash content…a search engine knows what a page is about by reading the HTML.

2.Use the <noembed> tag – If you must create all Flash pages, use this code so search engines will be able to read the HTML, keyword-rich content. The Flash file must be enclosed in a <embed> tag while HTML contains a <noembed> tag – which is where the HTML version of the Flash should be. This will not only give the search engines something to read, but will provide an alternative page to users that do not have Flash installed on their web browsers.

Google has made some progress in reading Flash files but they don’t do it particularly well - don’t depend on Flash, in comparison to non-flash pages, to bring high search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization firm SEO Advantage® utilizes various methods to design search engine friendly web pages AND make them look great.

Contact us today and see how your website can be built or improved to bring high search engine rankings.

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