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How to Gain Competitive Search Engine Rankings in 24 Hours

Optimized press releases can help you gain top rankings and build value for your web site fast

The latest press release issued by SEO Advantage® touts the addition of professional SEO copywriting to our ongoing optimization programs at no additional charge. Within 24 hours of its distribution, that press release was ranking at the top of Google for major search terms like “seo copywriting”, “seo company”, “florida seo”, “seo copywriting services,” and even “search engine optimization”! The release was picked up on MSNBC as well as several Google and Yahoo properties and business-related sites like

Now if you know anything about the SEO field, you’ll know it’s extremely competitive online. There are thousands of SEO companies all striving for those top search engine spots to prove they are the best at SEO. So it’s no small feat to wrangle a top spot in Google for terms like “seo copywriting”, even more so for broader terms like “search engine optimization”. Learn here how SEO Advantage® uses this key tactic to help keep itself – and its clients – front and center stage online.

Press Release Optimization Key Point #1 – SEO copywriting provides the foundation

Balancing the tone of your release is crucial, especially since both customers and journalists are going to be able to see it. Making your press release sound too promotional is an amateur mistake, and it’s a sure way to get ignored by credible news outlets. But make it too dry and you’ll see potential customers’ eyes glaze over.

A professional copywriter should know how to write a press release to conform to AP style, the type of writing required by journalists and news editors. They can walk the fine line that makes your press release interesting to customers without turning off the newsrooms that could potentially pick up your story and multiply its exposure.

SEO copywriting must then take your press release one step further. SEO copywriting prepares your press release for online audiences, helping ensure it will show in the search engines. You could choose a distribution that lets you optimize to the hilt, but if the press release copy itself isn’t optimized well, the release won’t show up. SEO copywriters know how and where to use keywords in your press release to make the most of search engine rankings.

Press Release Optimization Key Point #2 - Choose the right distribution outlet

Your work is just beginning once your press release is written. Now you must consider how and where to post it online.

Posting it on your site is a must, because you want any site visitors to be able to see what’s happening at your company. But the way to gain real exposure online across the search engines is to select a distribution outlet with maximum reach.

The best press release distribution outlets for getting your optimized press release ranked high will:

  • Allow you to use text anchor links
  • Let you specify keywords
  • Contain relevant industry targets
  • Optimize meta tags for the press release page
  • Feed its press releases to news engines like Google News, Yahoo News, and MSNBC

In closing, it’s important to remember that press releases can play a key role in reaching customers online. An optimized press release can take over the valuable online real estate of page one in the search engines and get your news out to targeted audiences. And best of all, while optimized press releases themselves may only stay at the top for a couple weeks, they continue to create value for your main web site via their high-quality in-bound links. Keeping your company in the news should be a priority for any business that’s serious about building its online presence.

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