6 Reasons to Employ SEO
Making Your Money Work For You

SEO, shorthand for search engine optimization, can be a major part of the success of a business's marketing strategy by contributing to higher rankings, more website traffic, and ultimately more leads. In addition, using SEO can help to give businesses the brand authority they need to excel in their industry long term.

Here are six definitive examples of why your business needs SEO:

Return on Investment

While you will spend money to get your SEO program off the ground, in the end you will reap the benefits of your investment. Of all the marketing strategies you can pay for, SEO provides the biggest return. Of course, it's worth noting that in order to accomplish this, you will need to hire an experienced SEO company who knows what they're doing or else you won't see any success. Worse yet, inexperienced companies will outsource their services overseas to providers who have little experience or use questionable 'black hat' tactics.

Dealing with shady SEO practices have given some companies a poor depiction of SEO; therefore, they don't know that SEO –when done right– can help companies drastically grow website traffic in a more cost effective manner than using paid advertising.

'If it Ain't Broke..'

Many people comment that SEO practices are dead or that SEO itself is dying, but this can't be further from the truth. The only problem is that some companies pay for SEO programs that don't work. However, when you have SEO set up the right way, it can be a significant source of traffic and leads.

In addition, by hiring an experienced SEO service, you have nothing to fear when Google makes algorithms updates because they will know what to do and be able to roll with the punches.

Another trap that companies fall victim to is hiring SEO services that seem too good to be true and offer large amounts of work for small sums of money. In order to receive quality work, you need to be willing to pay a reasonable amount of money.

'Don't Fix it'

Due to the way in which good SEO practices can generate large sums of web traffic, don't expect it to go away. Over time, SEO will simply continue to evolve. Better yet, companies will begin to learn how SEO works and will be better able adapt to and employ complementary SEO practices.

SEO has been riddled with some scams involving questionable link building practices. These violators have been penalized, but unfortunately it hasn't completely ended the practice. Quality SEO providers have been forced to get better and change their focus to creating great content and working with high quality websites to earn links.

Consistency is Key

While many people assume that you only need SEO until you've achieved the desired results, this cannot be further from the truth. Once you reach the top of your game, you will become an even bigger target for your competitors who want the rankings you have. Therefore, you'll need to continue to push forward, otherwise they'll pull your business out from under you.

Letting your website languish can be detrimental to your business!

Don't Overlook Mobile

Today, more people than ever are looking to access information and websites via smartphones and tablets; therefore, you need to make sure that your customers have the ability to do business with you from their phones just as easily as they can from their desktop computers. Not to mention, you need to be able to recognize this traffic for your ratings.

Check out our blog to learn more about responsive design and how you can build your website to accommodate all devices.

If You Build it, They Will Search

After you've dialed into your ideal search strategy, chances are you will see a bump in site traffic – that's because searching on the internet has become more and more convenient over the years. You don't need to carry around a bulky laptop anymore. People can just use a tablet or smartphone and search from anywhere.

For more information about how to implement SEO for your business, contact SEO Advantage® today. We can also work to help you with blog optimization and help increase your visibility on search engines.

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