Content Management System

Edit text and add or remove pages – without any technical skills!

While we maintain and update many of our clients’ web sites, we understand that the ability to make tweaks and changes is attractive if you prefer to be more hands-on. A content management system lets you do this even if you don’t have in-house web development staff.

But it’s important to make sure you choose the right content management system…

Content management systems can be tricky. We’ve seen large, successful businesses with beautiful web sites built around elaborate content management systems - and the web pages just don’t show up online in searches. They can also lead to a lot of other headaches, imposing unnecessary limitations on your web site design.

We offer a simple content management solution that lets you make changes as your business changes - without learning HTML, installing software or compromising your web site design or SEO. So you can:

  • Edit text
  • Add or delete pages
  • Insert or change pictures
  • Update links

You can make changes to your web site even if you have no web design or technical skills. All you need is access to an Internet connection. You make changes through a simple interface in the browser window, so you can update your web site from anywhere you go!

Ask us about implementing a content management system with your web site design today!

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