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Partnership with SEO Advantage® Yields 600% Increase in Web Traffic

Provident Precious Metals, LLC, a Dallas-based gold bullion firm , partnered with SEO Advantage® in 2010 to re-design its website and online store, build site content and make it highly visible to search engines.

In that time, the strategic partnership has yielded impressive results with new milestones being met each day. Provident's growth through online sales has accelerated well beyond anyone's expectations.

The two firms will next set their sights on the super-competitive keywords for the bullion industry, 'gold bullion' and 'silver bullion.' Dominating these terms on Google will vault Provident among the most elite gold bullion dealers and offer the firm even more opportunities for future growth. Stay tuned for more news on this exciting partnership!

In the 14 months since we partnered with SEO Advantage®, our firm has won over 400 page 1 rankings and takes the #1 spot globally for 'copper bullion,' beating out an impressive 4.8 million competing listings!
SEO Services
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IA has partnered with SEO Advantage for 7+ years to assist our team with relevant content, social media, and most importantly, search-engine optimization. We are in the highly competitive IT industry and rely heavily on page 1 rankings and compelling content to grow our business, which we have achieved for 12+ years with the help of SEO Advantage!
SEO Services
5 / 5 stars

Client Doubles Conversions in 4 Months with Premium Content Initiative

Online incorporation service MaxFilings operates in a highly competitive market. In December 2013, looking for a better way to get their message to entrepreneurs, they signed up for SEO Advantage's Premium Content Initiative. Within their first quarter as a PCI client, MaxFilings saw a 49% rise in referral traffic to its website compared to the previous quarter. By month 4 the number of conversions had doubled compared to the month prior to beginning PCI.

Dominate Your Market

Search Engine Optimization - Create a Sustainable Advantage

Sustainability is the cornerstone of an effective web presence. You didn’t build your business to be a temporary entity, and your website and online efforts should employ that same long-term approach.

Search engines base rankings on a number of factors that, when combined, help the search algorithms determine how much “authority” your website carries among online users. That authority is based on not just your website and its infrastructure, but also on your online presence beyond your website. That authority also creates sustainability.

You can climb to the top in many ways, but to stay there you need to be standing on firm footing.

A temporary bump in your web traffic gives your brand a temporary boost to its profile. A sustainable approach – like the one all SEO Advantage clients receive – gives your brand a long-term increase in revenue.

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Industry-Specific Resources

Certain industries have very specific online needs, and the medical and legal fields top that list. For that reason, we’ve built dedicated medical and legal SEO divisions to better serve our law firm and medical practice clients.

SEOLegal - Meeting the specialized SEO needs of the legal field
SEOMedical – Healthcare Marketing Solutions

Our clilents benefit from

  • More web site traffic
  • Visibility over competitor
  • Improved brand recognition
  • Increased sales and conversions
  • Precise performance feedback
  • Lower promotion costs overall

SEO services to support your online marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Complete on-site and off-site optimization managed by seasoned SEO experts and supported by a well-rounded combination of methods and approaches.

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriters who can convey the essence of your brand and stimulate conversions with content that serves your audience and drives search performance.

Web design

SEO-friendly websites crafted by skilled designers, built with an eye toward usability and engagement while remaining authentic to your company’s brand.

SEOBuzz Marketing

Social media and reputation management services that promote your brand, grow your audience, and build online trust and authority for your business.

Lead Generation

Qualified leads generated by the combination of eye-catching design, compelling content, proven marketing methodology and on-site and off-site SEO.

Pay-per-click management

PPC advertising to complement your organic rankings, provided by a Google Adwords Certified Partner skilled in crafting and placing ads for maximum impact.

Lower promotion costs overall

Streamlined operations and established processes lower your marketing overhead, making outsourcing your online marketing with SEO Advantage the economical choice.

Analytics, Tracking and reporting

Complete tracking, reporting and analytics to help monitor your search engine marketing performance and continually refine and improve your web presence.

E-commerce, CMS

Content management for eCommerce, B2C and B2B, letting you make changes and post updates to your website regardless of your technical skill level.

SEO Resources

Babcock Law Firm

Featured Success Story

Website optimization brings workers' compensation attorney more profitable cases

SEO content development and good usability all combine to give the Babcock Law Firm consistent growth in good leads, which not only allows more flexibility in choosing the cases it takes on but also allows the firm to predict future revenues among other benefits.

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