Stone Reuning

President, Director of SEO Strategy

Stone Reuning

President and founder Stone Reuning oversees the day-to-day operations of SEO Advantage®. It's his vision of excellence and unrelenting focus that guide every client project, imparting a dedication to results that would be impossible at any other SEO firm. He masterminded the holistic approach that has taken the company's work to the forefront of the SEO industry, achieving results for even the most challenging, competitive industries online. Stone maintains a close relationship with all our SEO accounts, big or small, and his expertise plays a strong role in formulating strategy and assembling the multidisciplinary teams that ensure each client's custom search marketing program meets its goals.

Consulting for a wide variety of companies over the last 25 years, Stone spent the 15 years prior to founding SEO Advantage® working in design and development of advanced decision support and executive information systems for some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the U.S. His work with various healthcare providers helped them meet industry compliance standards while standardizing applications and structures, managing costs and driving revenues. As a founding principal of Tampa Bay Associates and collaborating with organizations such as Optimizing Services Inc and Ernst and Young, he pioneered the development and marketing of "userless" decision support systems to perform information flow and audit processes that would normally require a consultant using DSS/EIS tools. Prior to that, he tripled revenue for the Florida Trendstar Decision Support System division of Amherst Associates/HBO and Company (HBOC) in two years and then founded its DSS consulting division.

Stone holds a bachelor of science degree in premedicine and psychology from Davidson College and completed four years of medical school at Bowman Gray. He also played the guitar during his college days, mostly covering popular hard rock tunes of the 1970's.

On weekends and the occasional sunny afternoon, you can find Stone running mountain trails or kicking back on the deck of his North Carolina home with his wife, two sons and three dogs. His passion for making things better also translates into his personal life – you'll find he's always got a handful of home improvement projects on the go.

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