Parichatra Reuning

Director of SEO Operations

Parichatra Reuning

One of SEO Advantage's earliest employees, Pat took a chance on the new start-up company and now reaps the rewards of working with a leading SEO provider. Pat plays an instrumental role in all our successful SEO programs. She is a formidable asset for our clients, seeing to the details of each component of their custom SEO plan. From site architecture recommendations to link building to meta tags, copy development, directory selection, portal creation and beyond, Pat runs our day-to-day SEO operations on behalf of our clients. She ensures the entire SEO Advantage® staff remains up to date on the latest industry developments and that every client program is taking advantage of the most powerful, efficient methods available.

Over the last decade, more than a hundred organizations have benefited from Pat's keen ability to find and implement the powerful tactics that help businesses thrive in online searches. Notable industries where she's left her mark include software, healthcare, medical, hospitality and tourism, agriculture, banking, printing, retail, consumer goods, sports, and real estate.

Prior to founding SEO Advantage®, Pat worked at Deloitte and Touche International where she performed management consulting and business process re-engineering for the Thailand Department of Commerce. She brings that same energy and astute business understanding to bear in all her work at SEO Advantage® today.

Pat holds an M.B.A. from Butler University in Indianapolis, IN. When she's not optimizing web sites for our clients, you can find her whipping up gourmet Thai and Asian dishes in the kitchen, creating inspiring landscapes and gardens in her backyard, working out, and most importantly enjoying life with her husband and young son.

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