SEOBuzz Marketing

Online communications components work together to increase exposure, build your company image, and bring in more customers.

Our SEOBuzz Marketing program helps you build a strong presence in online media to extend the reach of your web site.

  • Increase exposure and position you as an authority in your industry.
  • Reach your customers directly.
  • Reach media outlets for valuable third party mentions.
  • Rank high in search engines separately from your site.
  • AND Support and build rankings for your corporate site.

Build Credibility and Rankings with Press Releases

Journalists and editors now rely on the Internet to find stories and conduct their research, just as your customers do.

A well-written, optimized press release can rank high in the search engines – usually achieving a top spot within days and maintaining it for over a month. That means people searching on your keywords will see your press release right there, letting you reach many, many more people than possible with a printed piece or even your web site.

But even better, press releases can stimulate mentions in important media outlets for your industry. It can go viral and get the attention of bloggers and other influential people who have a following online – and offline when your news makes it into the print versions of magazines and newspapers.

A steady schedule of press releases can:

  • Increase the professional image of your organization
  • Improve brand recognition
  • Get your targeted messages out to more people than
    possible with your web site alone
  • And contribute to your search engine rankings for
    your main web site too!

Develop a Following with a Blog

Your blog can serve as a less formal means to reach prospects, customers, and members of the media. A grassroots marketing medium that both search engines and your customers love.

Depending on your SEOBuzz Marketing Plan, our copywriter can work with you to determine voice, topics, frequency and provide suggested sample posts. We can prepare content for blog posts as an industry correspondent and also develop relationships with other bloggers to encourage incoming links and attention for your blog.

Become an Authority with a Knowledge Center on Your Site

Providing a detailed base of information on your site makes sense for your customers, helping to support your credibility and trustworthiness. Another big benefit is the effect in the search engines, which usually rank those sites with relevant, frequently added content higher.

A regular schedule of articles can be prepared to target specific keyword groups and attract online searchers to your site. Each article serves as an entry point to your site and an opportunity to sell your services to the reader.

Start with a Plan

Let us help you identify the factors and processes needed to help
you reach your goals. We will detail for you actionable items that
are necessary to bring focus and ensure the desired effect.

  • Topic/content plan to meet your messaging goals
  • Recommended media (where to submit your press releases, which blogs to build relationships with, etc.)
  • Voice and branding goals specific to each medium
  • Roles of people involved
  • Technologies required
  • Timeline
  • Measurement of effectiveness

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Press releases, landing pages, white papers, case studies, email newsletters, informational articles, blogs, social media sites, forum participation, directories – reach your customers in more ways with more impact!

Properly crafted press releases increase the footprint of your organization – and drive more people to your site.

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