About SEO Advantage®

A search engine optimization company you can hold accountable

One of the benefits of marketing online is that you can directly measure the results of your efforts. We provide monthly search engine optimization with fees based on your firm's measurable online performance goals.

Most search engine marketing companies won't guarantee results. Or if they do, there's always a catch. Our guarantee is unique in the SEM industry. We believe in being accountable to our clients–and it keeps us one step ahead of the industry, ultimately benefiting our clients.

We provide a variety of online marketing services to enhance your site's performance: basic search engine optimization plans, paid search and sponsored advertising programs, site design, copywriting, blog and portal creation, tracking and reporting, and directory submission services. Our team of search engine marketing professionals evaluates, recommends, and implements the solutions that are best suited to your company.

Our proven approach to top performance online

Competition is getting tougher online. Search engines have switched from keyword density and linkage-based algorithms to ranking sites by overall site theme or context relevance. The sheer number of competing sites is mind boggling. And there are so many tools and tactics available that many companies don't know where to focus their resources.

The intricacies of search engine optimization vary based on your web site, the nature of your business, and market competition for target keyword phrases. Our solutions are always customized to your firm's unique requirements.

SEO Advantage® employs a wide range of accepted techniques. Our approach encompasses the most efficient, safest, and cost effective solutions for sustainable performance online.

Our complete multidisciplinary approach, depending on your plan, includes client core site optimization, new portal domain development, core and portal domain link popularity enhancement, and monthly search engine ranking and traffic analysis reporting. All under a monthly fee model based strictly on performance and, ultimately, your satisfaction.

This client-centric price performance model effectively holds us accountable for the results set forth for your web site. We bear total responsibility for the changing dynamics in the search engine optimization field and external factors such as competing web sites. If your site does not meet the agreed upon goal, we will reach it at our own expense.

That's the essence of SEO Advantage® - complete search engine marketing services and the Web's Best Guarantee™.

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