Design that Converts

Attractive Web Design is Only Part of the Equation

Professional graphic design – when done well – gives you much more than just an attractive website. The right designer isn’t thinking only about surface aesthetics. They’re also considering how easy your website is to use, and what design choices can be made to steer visitors toward the pages on your site that most need to be seen. At SEO Advantage® our designers not only know how to make a great-looking website, but are knowledgeable in designing useable web pages that are also search engine friendly.

On the surface your website is attractive, professional, and representative of your brand.
In the background, the coding and technology work to get you ranked in search and turn visits into conversions.

How Web Design and SEO Work Together

Would it surprise you to know that a website can have stunning, award-winning graphic design and still not rank in search engines? Google’s has some impressive search technology, but its algorithms aren’t able to judge a website’s aesthetics. They can, however, read and interpret text and code. Our skilled graphic designers understand how to use that text and code to send the right signals to search engines, and work with our SEO experts to make sure all of the pieces are in place to grow rankings and conversions.

Good Website Design Showcases Your Brand

The importance of SEO doesn’t mean design aesthetics are ignored. In fact, your website’s design is even more critical to your success as you start to earn page 1 rankings. Think of it like a storefront. You can get more foot traffic than any other store in town, but if most of those customers walk out without making a purchase, you won’t see revenue growth. The same is true of your website.

An attractive and well-designed website, on the other hand, makes visitors want to browse. Combine that with the kind of superior user experience the skilled designers at SEO Advantage® provide, and visitors are funneled to the exact pages you want them to see, resulting in conversions and revenue for your business.

What Does Design that Converts Look Like?

Design that converts looks exactly how it needs to look to support your brand and speak to your target audience. Check out our portfolio to see how we’ve been creating attractive, user and SEO-friendly websites for 20 years

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