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Copywriters Carve Out an Advantage with Unique Content that Builds Your Brand and Supports SEO

Online retailers face fierce competition. Unique web site content can give you just the advantage you’re looking for. SEO Advantage® eCommerce copywriters work with retailers and manufacturers who market to consumers and want to improve SEO rankings with unique content that captures shoppers.

  • Product descriptions
  • Category pages
  • Landing pages
  • Shopping guides
  • Site policies
  • Customer service emails
  • Promotions

Copywriting that Appeals to How Consumers Shop

Sometimes consumers start their product search on a search engine. Or they may visit a particular online retailer. Recent research also shows they are fairly likely to visit the manufacturer’s site for product information or even to find purchase options.

When a shopper visits your site, they usually follow a pattern of quick clicks until they reach a specific product they want to learn more about. They slow down and read the description and details, look at the item in the various image options, and if they’re satisfied they’ll take action and add the item to their cart or wishlist.

But if your site is lacking in details, their research continues – usually on a competitor’s web site where they can find the product information they need.

Content for Retail Web Sites

For ecommerce retailers, good content can be hard to come by. Your product offering changes regularly. You have order fulfillment and suppliers to deal with, not to mention the functionality and usability of your site. If you’re lucky, your suppliers provide you with product content. But too bad it’s the same content every other retailer has too!

We work with retailers to write unique product descriptions and supporting copy that gives your web site a cohesive branded voice and supports a strong SEO strategy.

Content for Manufacturer Web Sites

For manufacturers of consumer goods, our eCommerce copywriters can work with you to craft copy that builds your web site product catalog and supporting information your end customers want. In addition, we can provide strategic copywriting services that add value for your online retailers with unique, branded content.

SEO Services for eCommerce Sites and Product Catalogs

If optimization of your eCommerce site for search engine rankings (SEO) is your priority, you’ll need to first look at the architecture of your site and particularly your product catalog. Too often, eCommerce systems create page structures that are not easily indexed by the search engines, preventing your product pages from ranking in search results. We can help with that, too.

We offer a complete SEO program that addresses the three main components of successful search engine optimization: site architecture, unique content added regularly, and a custom in-bound link building.

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