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Guaranteed search engine optimization often focuses on rankings, traffic or some other easily measurable metric. You need to be sure your SEO company is focused ultimately on the metric that matters the most – your bottom line.

Our promise is to focus holistically on each customer's internet marketing activities with increasing revenues as the primary measurement of success.

To achieve the steps that will move you toward your Internet marketing goals, we ensure we are measuring the most impactful items. We can guarantee your search engine optimization will achieve the following:

Page 1 rankings

When we set ranking goals, we recognize that being found on page 2 or subsequent pages does not carry the true value which will drive revenue increases. You'll find that other companies may count lesser ranking results in an effort to report inflated results to you.

Top 3 search engines

There are a limited number of top-tier search engines that will provide quality traffic. Don't be fooled by other SEO companies that may list dozens or even hundreds of search engines. What good will it do to rank high on obscure search engines that your prospects are not using? We target page one of Google, Yahoo! and Bing, the search engines used by the overwhelming majority of online searchers.

Customer Goals are clearly stated in every customer agreement

And since starting out in 1999, we have never missed the stated customer goals. We continue to work until your goals are reached. In many cases we have delivered in excess of contract deliverables, at no cost to the customer, in order to meet the customer's goals.

If that is not enough, we will even link pay to ranking performance. You can discuss with your Client Services contact at SEO Advantage® about holding back payment of 50% of invoicing until goals are met or exceeded.

But rankings are only the beginning.

Our guarantee demonstrates our unrelenting focus on the bottom line impact for each customer's Internet marketing strategy. After we achieve your search engine rankings, web site traffic must increase. As traffic increases, your web site must be converting that traffic to visible revenues.

Ultimately, increasing revenues is what establishes SEO Advantage® as a preferred partner for many of our customers.When needed, our team of diverse marketing personnel can drive SEO, design, copywriting, online press activities, blog engines, social media integration, PPC, conversion rate analysis, call-to-action design, sales pipeline consulting, website analytics, etc. Talk to us today!

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