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Monthly Max Advantage Optimization Plan

An Exclusive SEO Program that Guarantees Your Search Engine Rankings for the Long Term

The search engine optimization field offers every service model you can imagine, but none comes close to the comprehensive nature of the Monthly Max Advantage™ program offered by SEO Advantage™.

Unlike SEO consulting-only programs – where they offer suggestions to improve rankings but take no responsibility for implementation – we bear the burden of all the hard work required to achieve and maintain your search engine results. We guarantee our results and work with you month in and month out as your business grows and evolves.

You'll find the Monthly Max Advantage program is different from any other search engine optimization service you've encountered. Our state-of-the-art search engine optimization service provides breakthrough performance for a powerful online presence and long-term, measurable organic results. Our SEO clients enjoy:

  • A strategic, holistic approach to SEO that supports your organization's online goals, from targeted keywords and search engines right through to content preparation.

  • Exceptional customer service, whether you're a small business or multinational enterprise. In fact, your primary contact will be director level, and every question or concern you may have will always be answered speedily.

  • A focus on results with a unique guarantee tailored to your search engine ranking goals. Our solutions are intended to achieve results, and our SEO performance guarantee ensures that those results are reached.

How the Monthly Max Advantage SEO Guarantee Works

Our guaranteed rankings take into account your business goals and standards for measuring search engine optimization success. Basic steps involved in achieving your targeted results include:

  1. First we need to determine the categories of keywords that you will want to target for your natural search rankings. When we start your program, we provide a professional in-depth keyword study that helps guide all SEO efforts based on these categories.

  2. Next we'll agree on number of rankings that will be guaranteed every month for these keywords. This refers to the number of appearances of your site in the page 1 the appropriate metrics to measure your success. We outline the steps needed to achieve the ultimate goal of achieving business growth via your increased visibility in the search engines.

  3. How we arrive at your specified rankings will depend on the nature of your business and industry. Researching the competitive landscape in major search engines will help us determine the ongoing efforts required to achieve top natural rankings within 3 to 6 months. The timeline for expected results can be adjusted according to your investment level.

  4. Every month we measure results and provide you with a report that shows the number of times your site displayed in top results for actual searches on your targeted keyword terms. We measure results in only the top 3 major search engines, which means your guaranteed rankings are targeting the places that count most.

  5. Re-evaluate targeted keywords and your evolving business needs as your company grows.

How we arrive at your specified rankings will depend on the nature of your business and industry.

The Monthly Max Advantage Approach to Optimization

Search engine optimization takes place behind the scenes, so it can have an air of mystery. But we assure you there is no mystery – just a lot of hard work based on experience and a thorough knowledge of effective techniques.

Our approach to SEO works. Our success depends on it, and our clients' SEO results attest to it . Companies in our Monthly Max Advantage program enjoy excellent search engine performance, from 100 – 2000 and more top search engine listings per month.

The standard for performance-based natural search engine optimization, Monthly Max Advantage is a comprehensive, multi-domain, theme-based optimization program , perfect for organizations that want to produce and maintain top performance for the long term. The Monthly Max Advantage SEO program addresses the three key factors of any optimization effort - site architecture, content, and linking strategies - to achieve and maintain top search engine rankings:

  • Total core site optimization specifically targeted at requirements of the major search engines.

  • Analysis of domain linking structure of the core site, recommendations to improve site indexing in the predominant search engines.

  • Complete meta tag optimization for both core site and portal domain(s).

  • Implementation of reciprocal and non reciprocating link programs throughout all optimized domains – core site, portal domains, and Yahoo domains (if applicable) necessary to achieve performance goals.

  • Creation of one or more portal domains to achieve goals in major receptacles and search engines and support rankings achieved for the core site.

  • Creation of content pages, interlinked and optimized for content/context delivery consistent with theme-based optimization methods.

  • Manual search engine submission to major search engines via proprietary 3rd party domain “pointer pages”.

  • Monitoring of the 3 major search engines to determine your top listings and our performance guarantee. The search engines where we count listings are Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Our Monthly Max Advantage SEO clients also enjoy access to a full-service online marketing team for paid search management, copywriting, website and graphic design, programming and website analytics.

Our Monthly Max Advantage™ program is available on a limited basis. Contact SEO Advantage™ today to find out if the Monthly Max Advantage program is right for you.