Online Reputation Management

Monitor and act on what’s being said about your company online

Managing your company’s reputation online is much more complex than it used to be. Yet it’s also more necessary. As a search engine marketing company that focuses on building business for our clients, we are keenly aware of the various media that people use to talk about companies. We can help you monitor and act on those online conversations to grow, improve or restore your company’s online reputation.

Consider the following scenarios that can affect your online reputation:

  • You have collected a couple testimonials but haven’t looked at how to maximize the positive word about your company online.
  • A few customers didn’t like how their problem was resolved, and now you seem to be getting booed across Twitter, Facebook and every other social media platform.
  • A sensitive issue has been misunderstood, and before you know it dozens of bloggers have written about you – and your online reputation is tanking.
  • You are facing an issue with an organization like the FDA, and its page against you is damaging your reputation among potential customers who search online.
  • People generally seem happy with your business as far as you can tell, but you don’t know how to check your reputation online.
  • Your company faces lawsuits regularly due to the nature of its business, and they show up in the search engines sometimes even before your company’s own listing.

We monitor what’s being said online, in order to give you the opportunity to act swiftly. We work with word of mouth websites to help you maximize the positive word about your company online and manage your online reputation.

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