Press Releases

Reach the Media - and Your Customers – and Build Your Image as an Industry Leader

There was a time when press releases were only for the press, sent to a handful of targeted journalists in hopes of being mentioned in a story they were researching.

Now, the Internet puts a company’s media communications at the fingertips of anyone looking for information.

For companies like yours, this means you now have the opportunity to reach both customers and members of the media with your online press communications. Consider that:

  • Optimized press releases can show up high in search engines when ANYONE (not just media) searches on Google, Yahoo! etc.
  • Journalists turn to the Internet to find breaking news and research stories, then following up on the news announcements and releases and communications that display in top results.
  • Optimized press releases can help your web site also show up higher when you optimize your press releases with appropriate keywords and linking tactics.
  • You can generate mentions and links from others in the industry – bloggers, editors, and authorities who will naturally present you as an emerging active industry force.
  • Customers and potential partners often check out your company news pages on your corporate site to learn more about your business.

Regular press releases make your business look busy and successful, and an active press communications strategy online will help build your credibility and opportunities for exposure.

Press Release Optimization – How We Work with You

We work with a variety of companies pursuing different press strategies, from SEO support to complete writing, optimization and distribution.

Are you already working with a PR agency and using a leading wire service, but want to optimize your press releases for better search engine performance? Or are you just starting a press strategy for your small business?

We offer flexible arrangements that let you take advantage of assistance where you need it most. Just let us know how we can help you.

Copywriting and Optimization for Press Releases

  • Consultation to determine newsworthy topics for your company and industry.
  • Interviewing internal experts and partner companies to gather information.
  • Write and/or review your press releases, suggesting appropriate keywords and linking to your website for optimization.
  • Facilitate reviews and approvals of proposed press releases both in your organization (and your partners for joint releases).
  • Set up a press center on your website to serve media professionals and customers.

Press Release Distribution and Optimization

  • Submitting your press release to paid and unpaid news sites online and wire services for exposure in news engines, industry sites and across the online medium.
  • Generating additional buzz with your press releases online using social media resources.
  • Post and optimize your press releases on your corporate web site.
  • Creating a custom press list of influential editors for your industry for individual emailing of press releases.
  • Monitoring online press activity of your competitors.

Ask us for samples of our press release copywriting work and talk to us about your online press release strategy today.

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