Reach Google's page 1

How much SEO will it take to get your business to page 1 of Google?

If you just do enough SEO to move your website from Page 5 to Page 3,
you are wasting time and money.

When is the last time you ventured beyond page one of a search engine?
Being on top is what gets results.
If you just do enough SEO to move your website from Page 5 to Page 3, you are wasting time and money. You will see no noticeable impact in your website traffic or revenues.

Too many SEO companies sell pre-packaged services without any real strategic plan for your business. Others sell short-term, quick-fix programs with no sustainability.

The result: you invest your hard-earned money – and you may notice some minor improvement – but ultimately your website traffic and revenues remain flat.

We provide the right mix of SEO services in the right quantity over the right timeframe to deliver real results for your website. Our comprehensive SEO program will set you apart by moving your website to the top of the search page and ahead of your competitors.

Our sustainable SEO methods build rankings the right way, by:

Creating a solid foundation
Focusing on quality, not quick fixes
Using Google-preferred methods
Utilizing a diverse approach

The result is a multi-dimensional strategy that builds page 1 rankings for the long-term.

The Analysis: Sizing up the Competition

Your business competes for search engine visibility and customers in different markets, against different competitors.
For some search keywords the number and sophistication of your competitors is light; for others your competitors are numerous and powerful.

Each keyword market in which you compete is unique.

Keyword phrases that differ by even one word can attract vastly different audiences.

Each keyword market must be analyzed

Who are the people searching for this keyword phrase? What are they looking for?

Each keyword market requires a focused approach.

A “one-size-fits-all” SEO plan will over-produce in some areas and under-produce in others. The result: you’ve wasted 50-60% of your investment.

The Starting Point: Your Current Website

First, we analyze your website for a wide array of elements:

The age and size of your website

When was it last updated? How robust is the content?

The structure of your navigation and website coding

Can the most important information be found quickly and easily by both visitors and search engines?

Link quality

The quantity and quality of inbound links to both your homepage and interior pages

Do other sites on the internet see you as an authoritative source? Are inbound links from the wrong sources making you look like spam?

Keyword landing pages

The existence of keyword-focused landing pages, articles, whitepapers and press releases

Are you promoting your brand around the internet and providing informative content to your website’s visitors? If so, does the text have the right keywords used in the right way?

The structure, size & relevancy of your blog

Is your business using a blog to connect with customers? Does that blog represent the right balance of relevant content and SEO components?

Social media

Social media applications & links

Are you leveraging your website with social media components that build customer relationships?

What we learn in our evaluation tells us where to go next. We may keep and build upon what is already working, adjust existing SEO elements for maximum effectiveness, create fresh content to take advantage of new opportunities, or combine the above methods for maximum results.

The Strategy:
A Unique Blueprint for Success

We know who we have to beat, and we know what our existing resources are. From there, we build a comprehensive plan to address each specific keyword group that’s relevant to your business, with the goal of getting you page 1 positioning for every single group.

That means individual evaluation of every keyword group, with a custom approach for each.

The Formula:
Budget + Timeline = Results

The timeline and cost of our SEO services are as flexible as our SEO methods. You can choose to spend more for faster results, or we can take a budget-friendly approach by building your traffic slowly or narrowing our keyword focus. Either way, you will get results.

The Bottom Line:
Analysis and Metrics for Sustainable SEO

Your business doesn’t operate in a vacuum, and neither should your search engine optimization company. That’s why every SEO marketing plan we create is fluid. We constantly measure, evaluate and adjust our approach to make sure you are getting the best possible return on your investment.

Ready to take your site to the top of the search results? Contact us and we’ll start you on the journey to page 1 rankings today!

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