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Search Engine Marketing Program: Monthly Max Optimization

Monthly Max Advantage™
Guaranteed results. We work month in and month out to help you reach and maintain your online goals. Our compensation depends on the performance of your web site. Plans are available at different levels to accommodate your budget and priorities, including management of paid search ads.
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Search Engine Marketing Program: Total Advantage Optimization Total Advantage™
A more comprehensive program for web sites with up to 45 keywords. Includes meta tag optimization, the creation of up to 3 content delivery pages, one hallway page, recommendations for performance in predominant search engine, manual search engine submission and more.
SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING PROGRAM: Basic Advantage Optimization Basic Advantage™
A great way to get started. We will optimize your web site’s index page and meta tags with up to 15 keywords. Includes manual submission of your web site to the major search engines, plus automatic submission to more worldwide.


"These guys are pros. They are responsive and effective. I intend to do business with them for a long time. I recently increased my contract with them. They have exceeded all their promises." - Mike Safley, Owner.