How Installing an Internal Site Search Benefits your Search Engine Marketing

Today’s websites are much more complex than their forefathers. Most contain a wealth of information about a product or service site visitors use to learn more about what they’re looking for.

As sites get more complex and web surfers look to find the information they need as quickly as possible, using internal site search is becoming more the norm. People that use search engines like Google to find your website are likely to use the same methods to find information within your website.

In fact, it’s not uncommon today for site visitors to immediately go to the search box when they get on a website. There’s any number of reasons for this including: confusing navigation, cluttered design and even pure impatience.

Internal site search offers many benefits to both website users and owners. Continue reading to see how installing an internal site search can not only benefit your customers but benefit your conversion rates as well.

Internal site search helps users find information on a site more quickly

Let’s begin by explaining the benefits site users will see from a site containing an internal site search feature. First, people are constantly on the go and demand quick information to help them make their decision as quickly as possible. Internal site search is undoubtedly the quickest way for someone to find what they’re looking for on a large and complex site.

Next, an internal site search helps visitors get around navigational structures that may be confusing to them. This is especially important for sites that are constantly adding new content. As the site continues to grow, many users will find that the site search function to be a valuable tool in helping them find what they need. In fact, statistics show 80% of site visitors will leave a site if the search function is poor.

But installing site search benefits site owners even more

Webmasters and search engine optimization professionals can benefit tremendously from installing an internal site search function on their websites. They provide an easy way to understand your customer’s intent, allowing you to make adjustments to further boost your site’s credentials and conversions.

There are many site search utilities to choose from or one can be easily custom made. And with the right analytic tool, internal site search indeed has a wealth of information about who visits your site and how they navigate around it.

Information gleaned from users’ site searches can be used to make site modifications to improve not only performance and usability, but conversions as well. You may end up finding new keywords you were never aware of, allowing you the opportunity to tweak your content so more users will find the information they need to make their purchasing decision on your site.

Installing an internal site search also means you can transform your website from a static “one size fits all” setup to a more “customer-centric” approach. More and more, websites need to simultaneously cater to different types of website users – knowledge seekers, prospects, buyers and long-term customers. Internal site search helps you do this.

Site search is an exciting utility for websites looking to expand their horizons. In order for your company to remain competitive online, you need to be open to new ways people are using to find and disseminate information.

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