How should I provide keywords to my SEO copywriter?

You know that determining the keywords to optimize your web site is crucial. But how many should you ask your copywriter or SEO writer to focus on? Do copywriters determine the keywords for you? How do you organize your keywords seamlessly between your copywriter and SEO firm?

Involve your copywriter from the start
The overall site structure must be considered first. Involve your copywriter from the start. They bring a different perspective that is often oriented toward your end user when determining keywords, navigation and page organization, rather than just the search engines.

If you're using a freelance copywriter, you might want to provide them with a list of keyword phrases assigned to specific pages, unless they are very comfortable with analyzing keywords. However, even if your copywriter is not experienced in this area, it may be advisable to involve them in keyword generation, as they can help you brainstorm ideas from a customer orientation. Many copywriters used a similar technique when writing marketing communications even before the notion of keywords existed, as they needed to familiarize themselves with terminology in the industry before they started writing. Plus generating keyword lists helps writers get into the proper mindset before writing your site.

How many keywords to use
When it comes to copywriting for your site, industry experts agree you need to keep it focused. This means specifying one or two (definitely not more than three) top keywords per page. The reason is that a certain density of keywords needs to be maintained in the page content, and inserting more keywords can dilute the content.

As they write your page content, a knowledgeable copywriter will be able to weave keywords into copy naturally. In fact, the keyword phrases you provide help the copywriter determine the focus of the page, as the phrases will be used in the headlines and subheadings, as well as paragraphs.

One final word - try to find an SEO firm that employs a professional copywriter. You'll enjoy a lot more cohesiveness and assistance in planning that can eat up your time or get missed totally with freelancers.

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