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Total Advantage SEO Program

One-time optimization that addresses key areas of your site for search engine performance

When you want to gain greater insight into ways to improve your SEO performance and address key areas impacting your site's natural search rankings, Total Advantage™ is the right program for you.

Total Advantage™ offers you a comprehensive SEO program with one-time optimization of several key components of your website, designed to give you the framework that will facilitate how search engines find and index your site content.

This comprehensive program provides site optimization for up to 45 keywords on up to 25 major pages . Depending on your site's needs, your Total Advantage™ SEO program may include the following components:

  • Index page optimization and addition of content and links targeting major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL).
  • Creation of one hallway or directory page.
  • Analysis of domain linking structure and recommendations to improve indexing in prominent search engines.
  • Manual search engine submission to major search engines via proprietary 3 rd party domain “pointer pages”.
  • Complete search engine optimization for up to 25 major pages!

What's the difference between one-time site optimization with Total Advantage and the ongoing Monthly Max Advantage?

Our Monthly Max Advantage™ is a full-service ongoing SEO program that can help you attain high rankings and maintain them at a guaranteed level, while the Total Advantage™ program is a one-time optimization program that works with the constraints of your site to equip it for enhanced rankings based on the SEO standards existing at the time of implementation. Please be advised that in addition to the site architectural considerations addressed in your Total Advantage™ program, your ongoing SEO efforts should also include regularly updated content, ongoing linking tactics and a strategy to address changing issues in the search engines.

Base your optimization efforts on your most profitable keywords

To ensure your optimization efforts are based on the right keywords, you may find it useful to combine your Total Advantage™ program with a professional keyword study. A keyword study by SEO Advantage™ gives you insight into actual online usage of relevant keywords and helps you understand the words your customers are using when they search for your products or services online. You will uncover new terms that you had not thought of and see which keyword phrases are not being used, to gain a better picture of your audiences and your industry. And because your keyword study shows data such as competitiveness and expected search volume by keyword, you can easily pinpoint those that will be most profitable to target in your optimization activities.

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