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Introducing a Different Kind of SEO Company

Search engine optimization is only the beginning

Search engine optimization is nothing new, but we take a different approach than what you'll get from any other company. We understand that optimization services are a small part of meeting your larger marketing goals , so our services don't just target the search engines, they target results.

Our results-driven approach is what makes us different

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all optimization package. Effective online marketing encompasses content, design, usability – everything the search engines use to send customers to your website. You don't get an out-of-the-box package. You get an optimization program that takes your online marketing to the next level.

Marketing to the search engines and the internet at large

Our company understands that internet marketing and website optimization goes beyond keywords, targeting everything the search engines look for in a quality website.

Fantastic organization. I started working with SEO Advantage in 2007 shortly after opening my own law firm. SEO Advantage was a great partner for a new startup business. My business has grown and continues to grow in no small part due to the successful online marketing done by SEO Advantage. SEO Advantage has always exceeded my expectations. I consider myself lucky to be working with them and look forward to continuing our successful relationship going forward.
Mack Babcock, Personal Injury Lawyer, The Babcock Law Firm

The Babcock Law Firm

Revolutionizing Optimization Services

Long-Term Partnerships Build Search Rankings, Traffic and Revenue

Search engine optimization company SEO Advantage® approaches things a little differently. Web marketing firms often focus on one small part of the search engine marketing function: some SEO companies focus on link building, others just offer SEO copywriting, and still others want to sell a one-size-fits-all SEO package. SEO Advantage® starts with a focus on building traffic via Google-approved methods, and complements those SEO efforts with audience-driven design that leads to conversions and revenue growth for your business.

Website Design

As a search engine optimization firm, we believe that optimizing your website for the search engines involves more than just offering advice or selling a package – we show you the difference by delivering results – results that actually impact your bottom line. Read about our our philosophy.

More than a Search Engine Optimization Company

We look at the entire online landscape.

Your Competitors

What page 1 positions do they hold? Why do they hold those positions, and what is needed to overtake them? Our SEO analysts have the answers to these questions, and the knowledge to apply the right techniques to your website.

Your Keywords

Are you targeting the right keywords? Focusing on the obvious keyword choices is the mark of an SEO novice. At SEO Advantage®, our specialists know how to find the opportunities others often miss, eliminating gaps that can limit your potential revenue.

Your Existing Website Assets

Sometimes this issue isn’t the content, but the SEO and promotion efforts behind it. We can help you determine if your existing website assets require updates, or if your content simply needs to be better utilized to promote your brand.

Converting SEO into Profit for Your Company

Our search engine optimization encompasses every facet of your company's online presence, to bring you greater traffic and help you turn it into profit:

Website design & navigation
Website design & navigation
Social media, reputation management
Social media, reputation management
Pay Per Click
Display / pay-per-click ads
Premium Directory Submission
Portal & premium directory networking
Press Release Optimization
Press release outlets & news engines
Online Discussion Forums
Online industry discussion forums
eCommerce shopping engines
Onsite SEO
On-site SEO components
Offsite SEO
Off-site SEO components
Content Marketing
Content development / copywriting
Website Usability and Conversion Optimization
Website usability & conversions
Link-building via content marketing
Custom Application Development
Custom web applications
Site Analytics
Website analytics & metrics

Proven Online Marketing Experience

SEO Advantage® has built a 20-year reputation for creating sustainable page 1 results. We accomplish this by combining the latest innovations in SEO and online marketing with established best practices to create custom solutions tailored to each client's individual needs.

Our team of experienced SEO and online marketing specialists is led by Stone Reuning, our company's founder and a pioneer of the SEO industry. Stone's philosophy of client relationships as partnerships - combined with our individualized approach to search engine marketing - gives our clients the unique edge they need to rise above the competition and onto page 1.

Stone Reuning
About SEO Advantage®
  • 20 year record of SEO success
  • Emphasis on long-term relationships
  • ReEmphasisal, measurable ROI results
  • Dedicated in-house staff
  • Experienced leadership & personnel
Our clients benefit from:
  • Page1 & Top3 search rankings
  • Increased website traffic
  • Increased sales and conversions
  • Improved brand recognition
  • Detailed metrics & ROI reporting
13,500+ Internet Marketing Projects Completed

Our experts have partnered with hundreds of businesses on thousands of projects to deliver top results out of million of searches.


Our clients keep coming back for more and many have worked with us for several years, enjoying continued website growth.

400+ Websites Designed

We deliver innovative, attractive and responsive web designs using the latest SEO techniques for improved rankings and traffic.

24 Years of Quality Customer Service

For over two decades, we have helped customers and businesses all around the country solve their Internet marketing challenges.


Our SEO team boasts a median experience level of nearly two decades which serves an endless pool of knowledge and foresight.


With a decade of creative knowledge at their disposal, our team builds custom sites that inspire, innovate and equip businesses.

Our search engine optimization company isn’t trying to sell you a short-term SEO package. We develop long-term partnerships with every business we serve to deliver measurable results and a marked increase in revenue. Our client relationships - some spanning 15 years or more - are evidence of our dedication to building businesses through SEO and online marketing.

Are you interested in learning how your site compares to your competitors and what it will take to outrank them? Do you want insight into why your competition is ranking higher and what it will take to surpass them?

If so, visit our contact page and send us a message or give us a call. The SEO professionals at SEO Advantage® are waiting to discuss how we can achieve your goals for website rankings, traffic and revenue. Are you ready dominate your market? Let us help your website get to page 1

Are you ready dominate your market?
Let us help your website get to page 1

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