Give Your Company a Voice with Optimized Blog Copywriting that Boosts Your Website’s Performance

Search engines love blogs. Especially blogs that are updated often and other people are linking to.

But without good writing and engaging content, you’re missing out on potential leads and powerful SEO benefits that your blog can bring you.

Your blog represents the voice of your company speaking directly one-to-one to each reader in a less formal setting than your corporate website does. Your blog lets you address content and topics that may not fit with your corporate web site strategy, yet are nonetheless important in your industry and on the minds of your customers.

The flexibility and variety of the content you can address in your blog together with the naturally optimized format makes your blog an exciting, powerful medium that deserves its own strategy.

Professional Copywriting for your Corporate Blog - Part of a successful SEO Strategy

The structure of a blog with varied, specific topics enables each post to rank separately and independently. You can target the keywords that represent your company with specific content.

With engaging writing and links to deeper information on your corporate website, your blog has the potential to contribute to SEO performance with inbound links from natural, highly relevant content.

Increase Visibility and Lead Prospecting Opportunities

Consider also that your blog serves as an important means for prospects to find you, helping ensure that your company’s content, whether blog posts, press releases or website pages, are dominating the top pages in the search engines.

Your blog can also serve as a lead-generating force sending qualified traffic to your corporate website and contributing an important communications component that your customers expect from leaders in your industry today.

Promoting your Blog

Once you have the basics in place, it’s time to maximize exposure for your blog. These are all factors that can work to maximize the power of your blogging efforts.

  • Building relationships with other bloggers
  • Making formal announcements to members of the trade press with media releases
  • Submitting to blog directories and industry resource sites
  • Incorporating into your social media strategy

How we work with you to promote your blog will depend on your industry and customers.

Blog Copywriting – How We Work with You

We can work with you in a number of ways, either posting directly to your blog or sending copy to you in a Word document that you can then review and post as needed. We can work as a ghost writer for your blog or we can contribute under our own names as industry correspondents.

Blog design and optimization of blog architecture for improved SEO performance are also available on a custom basis.

Let us know more about goals for your blog and request copywriting samples today!

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