Content Creation

The search engines – and your customers –
love a web site that continually adds new content

No matter what product or service your business offers its customers, you can bet your audiences are hungry for more information. Consumers and business clients alike turn to the Internet to find information, and those companies that make it available to them gain a distinct competitive edge.

Each article our copywriters produce can rank for searches on related topics that your core site may not be achieving now. Because professionally written SEO articles give you the chance to address very specific topics, you can broaden the search terms you rank for, helping you dominate more results in the top pages. Your optimized content can:

  • Strengthen your credibility when prospects see your content dominating for more terms.
  • Gain you authority status in your industry among customers, peers, and trade media.
  • Work with your core site to improve its rankings, in addition to ranking independently.
  • Reach customers through niche-topic articles who would otherwise not hear of you.

Here are just a couple ideas how you can improve the content and communications opportunities for your potential customers. Vehicles such as these let you add new content regularly as an effective part of your SEOBuzz Marketing strategy:

  • Knowledge center filled with engaging, useful articles
  • Strong support section with FAQs and well-organized user information
  • Shopping guide profiling products and brands

How We Work with You

Our copywriters familiarize themselves with your industry and audiences and work with you month in and month out to create the content that will help your site rank higher in search engines, bring in new customers, and build your industry status.

We work as closely or as independently as you prefer, often becoming an integral part of your communications team. It’s not uncommon for your sales staff to refer customers to articles our copywriters have written or request articles in PDF format for handouts at trade shows, or even submit ideas for more content.

An SEOBuzz Marketing component works well with our SEO program for web sites that want to carve a strong identity in the top results of the search engines, addressing all SEO factors.

Contact us today to learn more about how our copywriters can work with you for your content creation needs.

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