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Suffering from writer’s block? Don’t have time to write high quality copy for your website?

Let our skilled team of marketers, copywriters and content strategists give your business a voice and make your business an industry-leader in search engine rankings.

Ever heard the saying “Content is King”? Well news flash: it still is. It’s no secret that creating unique, informational and influential content for your website is one of the most effective strategies for achieving the rankings, traffic and ultimately the conversions that you desire. Unfortunately, maintaining a blog and creating quality content that adheres to the latest Google update is extremely time-intensive, tedious and challenging.

This is where we come in.

At SEO Advantage, our team of advanced SEO copywriters, marketers and strategists deliver the highest quality optimized content for your website that boosts your brands authority in the eyes of your customers and search engines. Content marketing is all about building relationships, and we want to partner with your team to be a natural, effective extension of your marketing strategy.

How much SEO copywriting is needed for your site to rank on Page 1? Get SEO Quote

Proven SEO Copywriting Results: Client Testimonial


"IA has partnered with SEO Advantage to assist our team with relevant content, social media, and most importantly, search-engine optimization. We are in the highly competitive IT industry and rely heavily on page 1 rankings and compelling content to grow our business, which we have achieved for 12+ years with the help of SEO Advantage!" -

Our SEO Content Marketing Services

We offer start-to-finish SEO content services for our clients’ websites - including research, creation, editing, optimization, publishing and promotion. As an all-inclusive search engine optimization company, our advanced team of SEO copywriters and marketers craft custom content in various forms, including:


Are you blogging regularly? A well-structured blog is like catnip to Google - search engines love them! Studies show that the more frequently a business blogs, the higher levels of traffic they receive. More info

Articles & Whitepapers

“Evergreen” content like how-to articles, ebooks and whitepapers make you a thought leader and generates powerful link building opportunities for your website - both important Google ranking factors.

Landing Pages

Fill your site with keyword-rich pages chock full of information about your individual products or services through compelling SEO landing pages with strong calls-to-action and innovative design.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Paid advertising is an effective marketing strategy. As a Google Adwords Certified Partner, we can provide proper management and support to ensure maximum results from your PPC campaign. More info

Press Releases

Optimized press releases are key to a robust SEO strategy, greatly increasing a company’s online visibility. Our past PR efforts have dominated search results pages and delivered leads for our clients. More info

Content creation isn’t enough - promotion is also necessary to get the most eyes on your content as possible. Our experts help make social media a revenue-generating part of your marketing strategy. More info

Email marketing is a powerful tool for connecting with your customers and can become a major source of revenue for your business. We deliver high performing content for email campaigns and newsletters.

Ecommerce Copywriting

E-commerce competition is fierce. Our SEO copywriters can create unique content that strongly appeals to both consumers and search engines, allowing you to outperform Amazon and your competitors. More info

B2B Copywriting

Building a corporate website from the ground up is a daunting task. Our B2B copywriters distill complicated concepts into accessible information to better address the needs of your audience. More info

Legal Marketing

The legal industry is ultra competitive, which is why law firms need a top-notch marketing company that specializes in this industry. We have achieved measurable results for lawyers all around the country. More info

Medical Marketing

Is your medical website in critical condition? Seek help from our experienced medical SEO copywriters to grow your practice, attract new patients and establish local dominance in your geographic region. More info

Case Studies

Case studies are an effective way to prove your competency and skill to prospective customers. We can help you create case studies that highlight your successes and increase your authority in your industry.

Professional SEO Experts With 20+ Years of Experience

At SEO Advantage, we’ll show you how best practices in SEO copywriting can help you gain more traffic, better rankings and an increased response rate. After all, we’ve been doing it for nearly two decades...

Together, we have more cumulative experience than almost any other search engine optimization company and we love leveraging this deep knowledge to deliver long-term benefits to our clients.

All of our SEO copywriters are professionally trained in writing copy that appeals to both the online user and search engines. We know how to use keywords and copy structures that lead the eye to your important points and help position your organization above its competition.

We specialize in writing for businesses across various industries - including legal, medical, B2B, B2C, automotive and e-commerce.

Contact us to inquire about our experience with your industry or to request samples of our previous work.

Why is SEO Copywriting Important?

Before answering why SEO copywriting is important, first we have to address the question - What is SEO copywriting?

Modern SEO copywriting is all about writing for humans first, algorithms second. Write for people and optimize for Google. Yes, things like keyword density and meta tags are still important concepts of optimized copywriting, but recent advancements in the search algorithms mean that crafting compelling content that people actually want to read (what a concept…) is more vital than ever. Great content that is shared and promoted (liked, tweeted, pinned, etc.) builds greater trust and authority in your brand.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Here are some recent statistics on why having an SEO content strategy is essential in modern day business marketing:

  • In August 2015, approximately 200 million people worldwide had installed ad-blocking software, meaning paid advertisements are becoming less valuable than quality content marketing.
  • Based on a 2015 IBM Digital Experience Survey, 56% of marketers believe that personalized content promotes higher engagement rates.
  • Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing and generates more than three times as many leads.
  • Most B2B marketers (88%) use content marketing in their marketing strategies, making it essential if you want to stay competitive.
  • Companies who adopt content marketing see conversion rates that are nearly six times higher than their competitors who don’t.
  • A majority of B2B marketers use at least 13 different content marketing tactics.
  • Most major organizations (73%) hire someone to run their content marketing strategy.

Our Unique, Storyteller’s Approach to SEO Copywriting

Our custom approach to SEO copywriting is different from generic, pre-packaged content creation services. We see content marketing as a blend of both storytelling and marketing - somewhere in between art and science - which is why we get to know your business, your audience and your company’s objectives.

This knowledge helps us craft compelling content that informs, inspires and elicits a response from your customers - the kind of content that results in long-term traffic, Google rankings and higher conversion rates.

That’s our story. Now tell us yours.

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How much SEO is needed for your site to rank on Page 1? Get SEO Quote