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Meet the SEO Advantage Executive Team

Everything we do at SEO Advantage is designed with a focus on delivering ROI to our clients. From formulation of strategy and program tactics right down to unique content creation and handcrafted link building programs, all our mission-critical work is directed in house by our senior team of US-based SEO professionals. Get to know us and see how our multidisciplinary approach integrates to deliver Page 1 dominance even in competitive keyword markets.

Stone Reuning

President, Director of SEO Strategy

Stone Reuning is president and founder of SEO Advantage, Inc. An entrepreneur at heart, Stone founded several startup ventures including Tampa Bay Associates (TBA) and the Germ Factory online business incubation prior to SEO Advantage®. He designed and developed advanced decision support and executive information systems for some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the U.S., collaborating with organizations such as Ernst & Young.
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Michael Roderick

Director of Technology, Analytics, SEM

Michael has always pursued challenges and enjoyed complexity, whether at home, studying, working or just conversing. Heading up the technical and SEM departments at SEO Advantage provides continual opportunity to try his hand at new challenges and address interesting problems, build sustainable solutions and keep his clients online, visible, and attractive to their potential customers. When not wearing one of several SEO Advantage hats, he's likely spending time with his wife and three children, performing at the piano, hiking in the woods, reading cultural criticism, or serving at his local church.

Wes Reuning

Vice President, Director of Operations, Sales

As Executive Vice President, Wes leads the team in creating competitive SEO and online marketing plans that perfectly coordinate the client’s needs with the robust variety of services we offer. Wes Reuning and his brother Stone have worked together well over two decades in consulting and business services. When not working in the SEO landscape, Wes enjoys working on his endless remodeling projects, being outdoors, and spending time with his wife of 27 years, 2 kids and beautiful granddaughter.
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Parichatra Reuning

Director of SEO Operations

Pat plays an instrumental role in all SEO Advantage programs. She is a formidable asset for our clients, seeing to the details of each component of their custom SEO plan. From site architecture recommendations to link building to meta tags, copy development, directory selection, portal creation and beyond, Pat runs our day-to-day SEO operations on behalf of our clients. When she’s not optimizing web sites for our clients, you can find her whipping up gourmet Thai and Asian dishes in the kitchen, creating inspiring landscapes and gardens in her backyard, working out, and most importantly enjoying life with her husband and young son.
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Carrie Kester

Account Manager

Working directly with SEO Advantage clients as their Account Manager allows Carrie to do all the things she loves most: develop relationships, build businesses and work with an unbelievably talented team to achieve a measurable goal. As a New Orleans native, she enjoys all things football and food related and can often be found testing the boundaries of her children’s palates with spicy cajun cooking. When not in the kitchen you can find her on a yoga mat or buried in a book

Gaby Zapien

Director of Creative, User Experience

Gaby drives creative direction, design and usability for our website development projects. She brings together ideas from all those around her in a continual search for the best ways to serve end users, keeping her team at the forefront of emerging technologies and web standards. When her busy family life, travel and pets allow, you might catch her experimenting with different creative media. A true artist at heart, her portraits have been featured in gallery exhibitions. She is known to maintain her Zen with meditation.
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Heather Russell

Director of Finance, HR

As Director of Finance & HR, Heather sweats the details so that others don’t have to. She plays an instrumental role in managing admin for all SEO Advantage clients, bringing more than two decades of experience to the table in the areas of business finance, management, human resources and office administration. Outside of the office, Heather enjoys traveling to new places, camping, jet skiing and spending time with her wonderful children – both of the human and animal variety.

Lisa Banks

Director of Special Projects

Part of SEO Advantage since 2004, Lisa has enjoyed watching the company – and its clients – grow to become the dominant force it is today. Currently heading up Special Projects, Lisa dives deep into a mission and relentlessly pursues the vision. The question always on her mind is how can we improve life for the people who use what we create, as all else will follow. Lisa’s guilty pleasure may be too much online shopping, and (more nobly) she is immersed in bringing up two rambunctious sons in a multicultural family.
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Lance Buchanan

Director of Content Production

As the head of content development at SEO Advantage, Lance thrives on finding out what makes businesses tick and how to maximize their influence through the power of story and words. Deep down, being creative through written expression is what drives him most. When not hunched over his computer typing furiously, you'll likely find him hiking, climbing, snowboarding, biking or involved in any number of other outdoor activities, or perhaps reading a Steinbeck novel while sipping a glass of wine and planning his next travel destination.

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