SEO Commerce

Your product at their fingertips

Imagine the power of each individual product you offer on your site displaying in the top results when a shopper searches on major search engines like,, and more - naturally!

Too many online retail websites hide their product content behind a barrier, making it impossible for each product to show up in online searches by consumers. They become totally dependant on advertising channels to drive traffic and clicks to products – that can be time consuming and expensive.

While many channels like comparison shopping engines and advertising networks are excellent complementary programs, why wouldn’t you want to do all you can to make the product catalog on your own web site work for you?

More efficient than a comparison shopping engine, which requires the consumer to click and click and click before arriving at your product, an optimized product catalog takes the shopper directly to the relevant product – on your site! – with only one click from their online search results.

When your retail website – your product catalog and shopping cart – is built with SEO Commerce technology, visibility for each product can be obtained in the natural search results, reducing your dependence on pay-per-click models and affiliates to bring in revenue.

Best of all, there’s no “campaign”, no “click costs”, and you can easily track metrics with analytics. Your online product catalog is working for you 24/7 naturally due to its optimized site architecture and content. SEO Commerce™ is an architecture for your retail e-commerce site’s product catalog and shopping cart that lets you gain additional power and visibility day in and day out – without the hassle of managing one more advertising program.

Each of our optimized e-commerce web sites and SEO Commerce online product catalog/shopping cart systems are custom made and prices will vary. Contact us for a quote today!

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