How do your copywriting services work?
What do we need to get started?

Learning more about your copywriting needs

Every copywriting project is unique when you’re working with our professional SEO copywriters. Before we can suggest the best approach or provide a quote, we’ll need you to tell us specifically what you are hoping for from your copy. This is best accomplished by phone, because then we can ask questions to ensure we understand each other clearly.

Some of the things we'll want to know are:

  • What are you looking to have written? (Product descriptions? Brand overviews? Educational articles? Ecommerce category pages? Blog entries? Social media updates? Press releases? Site support copy? Sales copy?)
  • What are your goals with your copy? (Generate search engine traffic? If so, have you performed keyword research? How many/what are your keywords? Who are your target audiences?)
  • What sort of base information do you have available? (Would we be rewriting existing product descriptions to make them unique, or creating product descriptions from scratch with no available base data, for example.)
  • Where will the copy be used? (On your site only? Or also for viral marketing, email newsletters, etc.? If the goal is for SEO, our SEO engineers may want to verify that the structure of the pages will enable good visibility for the copy. Our copywriters may also be able to consult on ways to get additional mileage from the copy we prepare for you.)
  • What volume of copy are you looking for, and what basic timelines are you considering? For SEO purposes, the most productive approach is to post new content as it's created on an ongoing basis. This accelerates the indexing of your site, as the search engines see fresh content being added regularly.
  • What sort of internal procedures do you have in place for reviewing and posting submitted copy?

Copywriting samples, recommendations & proposal

Once we've talked about these things and whatever else may emerge during our conversation, we will show you samples of our copywriting work so you’ll have an idea of what to expect from our copywriters.

If we both feel we may be a good fit, we'll then draft up our recommendations for you in a proposal/letter of understanding that also includes our pricing. Our pricing will likely be a package quote that gives you greater value over an hourly quote and considers the full scope of your objectives.

Starting your copywriting project

Once we're all agreed on the letter of understanding, we'll go ahead and get started!

Our initial work to prepare will depend on what we're writing for you. We may need to research the brands we're writing about, to ensure our voice is consistent or to match it to your site's copy, for example. We’ll want to become familiar with any competing brands and other approaches used in your industry. It will be helpful if you point our copywriters towards credible sources of information for your industry. We’ll also need to receive any base information you want included before we can begin writing.

We can submit work to you weekly for review and posting to your site, depending on how your developers would prefer to handle it. Or we can post directly for you. Generally, for the first few items, we prefer to wait for you to review and provide feedback so we can make any adjustments and ensure we're providing what you expect in terms of the content itself. Then it's full speed ahead!

Learn more about SEO Advantage® copywriting services and set up a time to talk today!

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