SEO Analytics, Tracking & Reporting

If you aren’t using robust tracking and reporting tools to analyze your online marketing channels, you’re leaving revenue on the table.

Do you know who’s visiting your site and what they do once they arrive?
The characteristics of the ones who buy?
And most importantly, which website changes will boost your marketing ROI?

Accurate, detailed performance tracking is a powerful tool that provides the basis for intelligent decision making. Reporting and analytics lets you adjust and fine-tune your online marketing initiatives to optimize conversion rates, marketing campaigns and overall website ROI.

While best practices help set a framework for your marketing activities, it’s the continual measurement and refinement that increases value for sales and lead contribution. Our Google Analytics-certified experts have the knowledge and experience to leverage data and help you make smart, informed business decisions.

Gain the power to focus your investment for higher return

It's easy with our analytics tracking and reporting solutions. Our proprietary programs track the information you need to make intelligent decisions. Track the elements that drive your site traffic and conversions like keywords, ad content and search engines. Know the cost per conversion for each source of traffic. Know where your prospects are dropping off. Revise and test each step of the conversion process.

We put actionable intelligence at your fingertips with comprehensive tracking and reporting tools to measure and understand the effects of all your online marketing activities:

Search engine optimization results

Bid management and keyword selection are more effective when you have hard data to back your decisions. Compare results from organic search engine ranking, paid inclusion, and pay-per-click ads to hone your search marketing strategy.

Sales analysis

Detailed tracking gives you insight into the effectiveness of your online sales channel. Find where customers abandon shopping carts. See which products may need better descriptions, which promotions didn't meet conversion goals–and learn how to improve sales.

Content and navigation effectiveness

See where site visitors enter and leave your site, which pages they spend time on and which links they are drawn to. You'll gain invaluable insight into layout, copy, navigation techniques and you can test to optimize conversion.

Online marketing campaign performance

Evaluate conversion metrics and response results from email marketing, online advertising, and affiliate and partner programs. Duplicate campaign successes and avoid costly mistakes.

Customer segmentation

Identify differences in behavior, objectives and preferences within your audience. Target your most valuable customer segments with the right messages. Know how to treat customers from each segment to build and retain a strong customer base.

Customer support performance

Optimize your online customer support channel with metrics that show visitor paths and conversions. You'll be better equipped to improve customer satisfaction for online issue resolution, reducing the cost of support.

Everything you need in easy-to-read reports

At SEO Advantage, we aim to support you in making smart, sustainable marketing decisions by presenting actionable information in easy-to-understand, customized formats so you can see important trends and make insightful comparisons at a glance.

We can help you identify:

  • Conversions and ROI for each of your online marketing initiatives
  • Crucial data on customer behavior, acquisition costs and lifetime value
  • Under-performing areas of a website or campaign
  • Trends and opportunities for resource allocation

Tailored reports can show you at a glance how each of your online marketing activities are performing at any point in time. Summarized monthly results show every aspect of your online marketing all in one brief report.

Only the Internet allows such fast, detailed feedback on marketing. Take advantage of the opportunity to make informed decisions based on your goals and real performance data.

Better SEO reporting solutions at your fingertips

It's about quality, not quantity. Not more reports—but better reporting. SEO Advantage focuses on the information that will help you move closer to your goals. This will better equip you to make informed decisions that drive you toward quantifiable objectives for traffic, leads, sales, and customer support. Contact us today to learn more about our analytics, tracking and reporting capabilities.

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