Social Media

Interact with Customers, Stake Your Place in Today’s Web 2.0

Where do your customers hang out online? Are your customers on Facebook? Do they browse Squidoo? Are they active in Digg? Social bookmarking sites can play a role in gaining additional exposure for your content.

If bloggers have a strong voice in your industry, make sure your communications are taking into account this important medium. (Read more about our blog copywriting services)

Web 2.0 is about connecting people, letting them take control of how you market to them. In short, you gain the trust of online audiences when you give them back control. Transparency and honesty can gain adoration for your brand.

SEO and Social Media

As a search engine optimization firm, we know that social media and Web 2.0 are powered ultimately by visibility in search engines, whether it’s a vertical trade channel or interactive media sources that go viral. You must start with great content that is valuable to the people you want to reach – and then that content must be made visible. Where you make your content available will depend on where your audiences are going.

If you are pursuing online communications vehicles, whether press releases or a blog, or if your customers are embracing Web 2.0, then consider how you can enhance your strategy by adding social media components.

All social media components are based on custom communications plans depending on your specific audience’s needs. Are your customers going there? Then you need to be there!

Contact us about incorporating a social media component into your SEO and online communications strategy today.

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