Social Media That Finds Your Audience

Do You Know Where Your Customers Spend Time Online?

Are your customers sharing content on Facebook? Pinning photos to Pinterest? Building professional relationships on LinkedIn? The social media world is much larger than it once was, and the time of one-size-fits-all social media plans has long passed.

To make social media a revenue-building part of your online marketing strategy requires research, industry analysis and a targeted approach.

Social Media Backed by Research

At SEO Advantage, we use proprietary tools to analyze the social media landscape as it relates to social media. This allows us to learn:

  • Which social networks your target audience frequents most often, and where they are most likely to initiate a conversion
  • The specific types of social media content that most appeals to customers looking for your products of services
  • What days and times your target audience is most active on specific social networks
  • How often you should post to each network for maximum impact and growth

With this data we formulate a plan, posting schedule and social media campaigns to enhance your marketing efforts and grow traffic and conversions for your website.

Social Media Management OR Training – It’s Your Call

Is there someone on your staff who could manage your social media in-house with the right training and support? We’re happy to provide that assistance, as well. Our social media experts have been working in the field since before Facebook or Twitter even existed, and have spent years learning and training others in every facet of both established and emerging social networks.

Let our team prepare a plan that includes content recommendations, complete posting schedules, best practices for your industry, and email alerts to content your team can share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or whichever social media outlets give you the best return on your efforts and investment. We’ll provide ongoing support and be available to help for as long as you an SEO Advantage client.

Content Support and More

We’ll provide social support for every piece of content we create for you as part of our standard content creation services, and can also develop enhanced campaigns to grow your profile and followers, including:

  • Social media advertising using advanced targeting to get your ads in front of the exact audience most likely to respond.
  • Contests to build a social media following that is loyal and excited about your business.
  • Polls and surveys to engage your visitors and increase social shares, so your followers are truly fans of your company.

Ready to Send Your Message Directly to Your Audience?

Social media isn’t a nebulous tactic with no way to measure ROI. It’s as essential on the modern internet as your website itself, and when accurately researched and measured, can create and grow revenue for your business. To find out how, contact us today.

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