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Social media is an important tool for every business. Yes, every business.

Even if you think your business is exempt because you’re B2B or too small, it’s time to think again. More than 3 billion people engage daily on social media. Not having a brand presence is a missed opportunity.

Fortunately, our partner, Brown Bag Marketing, is here to help you build a custom social media marketing strategy and engaging content that connects your brand to customers.
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Brown Bag's experience with creating engaging content that connect brands to customers is award winning.

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Who’s talking about your business on social media?
Control the conversion with an effective SMO / SEM strategy.

Imagine trying to bake a pie but leaving out a third of the recipe ingredients.

You wouldn’t expect great results, right?

When it comes to a search engine optimization strategy, that’s exactly what your business is doing if it fails to account for social media.

Social media owns a sizeable chunk of the pie when it comes to website traffic, brand engagement and online conversions. In fact, as of December 2014, social media was responsible for driving 31% of all referral traffic to a website - a percentage that increases year after year.

Social media isn’t just for individuals anymore. Here are some important statistics to consider for your business:

At SEO Advantage, our team of optimization experts and strategists have over 20 years of combined experience marketing, monitoring and promoting brands through all the popular social media sites and helping organizations leverage social media as a revenue generation tool, from small local businesses to nationally ranked companies.

We use proprietary tools to analyze the social media landscape as it relates to social media. This allows us to learn:

  • Which social networks your target audience frequents most often, and where they are most likely to initiate a conversion
  • The specific types of social media content that most appeals to customers looking for your products or services
  • What days and times your target audience is most active on specific social networks
  • How often you should post to each network for maximum impact and growth

Contact us today to request a free quote for our SMO and SEO services. Not a sales pitch - just the numbers so you can make the best decision for your business.

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Our Clients Love Their Results!

Many of our client relationships span 20 years or more.

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What is Social Media Optimization?

There are thousands of social media platforms out there...and growing. The reality is you can’t be everywhere at once. Social media optimization, or SMO, is about selecting those top online communities where your voice is most effective and focusing on making the biggest positive impact in those social spheres.

The main goal of SMO is to strategically create highly shareable, interesting content that generates buzz across the internet and drives more people to your website. This “buzz” may come in the form of likes, retweets, shares, embeds, comments, etc.

How SMO Benefits Your Business

The role of SMO as part of an overall digital marketing strategy is central. Social media optimization is becoming an increasingly important ranking factor for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. In addition, individual profiles like your business Facebook page can now even rank on the first page of Google, expanding your digital real estate and exposure to potential customers.

Search Engine Rankings

While SMO primarily focuses on driving web traffic from sources outside of search engines, improved rankings are a clear benefit of successful social media optimization. Search engines are increasingly putting more stock into social engagement and search.

Website Traffic

Better rankings directly contribute to higher volumes of traffic being funnelled into your website. Interacting with people on social media also markets your business to an entirely new audience and furthers your reach, helping grow your customer base.

Brand Awareness

Posting frequently and regularly on social media keeps your business at the top of your customers’ newsfeeds (and their minds), helping establish your reputation and create your voice. Being active on social media shows your business’s human side.

Reputation Management

Most consumers prefer using social media to leave reviews, ask questions or submit customer service requests. If you’re absent from the platforms your customers use, you risk being a bystander in the ongoing online conversation about your brand.

Paid Advertising (PPC)

Native paid ads on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter open up exciting possibilities for businesses who are serious about advertising. Audience segmentation features let you laser target who sees your ad to maximize conversions.

Local SEO

The rise of personalized search means that having a location-based social media presence is more important than ever. SMO can help your business target certain geographic regions and enhance your reach to potential customers in your community.

Our Dynamic SMO Services - Custom Tailored to Your Business

Are your customers sharing content on Facebook? Pinning photos to Pinterest? Building professional relationships on LinkedIn? The social media world is much larger than it once was, and the time of one-size-fits-all social media plans has long passed.

Don’t waste your time and money on generic SMO services that promise X number of instant new followers or that set up accounts for you in a bunch of platforms that don’t really matter to your vertical. True social media success can’t be automated. Authentic social networking requires real people and a customized approach that takes your unique business, goals and customers into consideration.

Before an SMO battle plan can be drawn up, first we need to know about your business goals in order to determine which strategies and tactics will deliver the best results.

What are your social media goals?

Our Strategy  Your Goals Promote
Engage with
Develop SMO strategy
Participate in conversation
Frequent social media posting
Blog development
Simplify tag and bookmark  
Customer rating/review system  
Create unique, shareable content    
Sharing links/buttons on website    
Page creation/design      

We can help you define your long-term social media optimization agenda, measure your benchmark and determine the best tactics to accomplish your goals. Our SMO and SEO experts are overachievers and committed to exceeding your expectations.

SEO Advantages specializes in delivering real, measurable results through our results-driven SMO and SEO marketing services for a wide range of industries, from e-commerce to medical to law firms and more.

Social media isn’t a nebulous tactic with no way to measure ROI. It’s as essential on the modern internet as your website itself, and when accurately researched and measured, can create and grow revenue for your business. To find out how, contact us today.

How much SEO is needed for your site to rank on Page 1? Get SEO Quote